Happy Birthday Little Gus!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

 Happy 2nd Birthday to my little Guy!!!

This post was supposed to be on the blog on Friday, which was the day of his actual birthday but between one thing and the other that didn't happen. I will do a re-cap of his birthday party on another post. Here is the post:

Two years ago, today, we were blessed with the life of a precious baby boy. This little or not so little bundle of joy was born at 8 lbs, 14 oz and 21 inches long. Little did I know my life would change forever. 

He has brought nothing but joy and laughter to us and our families. My sweet boy is growing up!! It's amazing how time flies and fast they grow and I'm sitting here thinking how I wish he was a baby again, who depended on you for everything but at the same time I am thrilled that he becoming more independent day by day.

I love watching him grow and develop. He says please and thank you. Yesterday, I sneezed and he said "Bless you" (I almost melted). He can climb up and down our stairs successfully, without falling. 

The day I became a big brother!

Little Gus is loving trains these days. Actually, mostly anything that has to do with transportation. He loves Elmo, loves the park and most of all loves going to play with his cousins. He is still a great eater...like hes's always been haha. He has become pretty good at sharing with Olivia--(this was not an easy thing to accomplish). He has such a big heart and helps his sister up when she falls.

Below is a little picture re-cap of the first two years of my little guy's life!
On his baptism day at 2 months old
6 months old

Our first family photo...minutes after he was born!

My first birthday cake!

My first trip to Atlanta --December 2012
The first time I wore a bowtie!
Easter 2013

My first horse-ride

Today, we will be relaxing with the birthday boy, waiting for "Abu" (my mom) to arrive,,,which im so excited about! I can't wait to see her! And of course doing a couple last minute things for his Elmo Birthday Bash tomorrow!


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