{Weekend Recap}

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Monday!! We had a great but busy weekend this weekend!
We started Friday off with a night out with some of our closest friends. We hired a non-family babysitter for the first time, which was a huge step for us as I am very particular with who I leave Gus and Olivia with. It went great though! And it was so convenient to just come home after we had had a few drinks and not have to drive to go pick up the little ones :).
We went to a fabulous restaurant, Finka Table & Tap , which I highly recommend if you are ever in the Miami area. the food and drinks were absolutely delicious! And we may have gone a little overboard ordering but we pretty much tried everything and it was delicious!

(My friends are wayyy more chic than I am ;)...and before we knew it we were having lemon drops...

Saturday, the kids had a photoshoot with a local Smocked kids clothing line for their fall collection, which I will be featuring very soon! We had so much fun....actually I think I had more fun than they did! After the second round of outfits they were over the heat and posing for pictures. We did a little computer shopping and finally found our new computer yayyyy!! We got a Sony Viao and I am loving it so far!

Sunday we did a little organizing around the house! We took the kids to a Bounce house play center. Olivia LOVED it and Gus cried everytime we put him on one. So Olivia and I played in the bounce houses while my husband and Gus hung out in the arcade and played video games.

It was such a nice weekend with some much needed family time!

Hope you had a great weekend too!


  1. Can't wait to see the Smocked Kids photos... Your kiddos are way too cute!!

  2. oooooh that will be a fun line to show! I'm much too excited for new fall clothes to start popping up. I'm over summer.

  3. What's cuter than kids in smocked clothing? Really??!? Love that last picture of your husband and son!!! So adorable!!!

  4. Your kids are ADORABLE!! So happy to have found your blog through the Mommy Bloggers Share group! :)


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