A letter to Olivia on her 2nd birthday

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Our sweet, sassy girl turned 2, Saturday!! We celebrated big at Disney over the weekend and made her birthday as magical as we could!! I'll post pictures recapping our trip later but I wanted to share this letter I wrote her on her 2nd birthday!! 

My sweet Olivia, 

The day I met you, my dream came true. I had always dreamed of having a little girl! God couldn't have been more perfect! 

You have been stubborn since the day I met you. I have never met a more stubborn baby than you. But you don't give up trying to do something until you've mastered it. Your dad and I were shocked when you taught yourself how to ride your cousin's scooter in a couple hours, just a few months ago! 

This year you have grown into quite an independent toddler!  We got you off your bottle and now only drink from a sippy cup. You will rarely allow anyone to feed you or should I say help you with anything! 

You have enough personality for about 5 toddlers (which hasn't changed since you were born). And with all of that sassy personality you make us all laugh so much!

I love that you are girly!! You love handbags, make-up (You've gotten into mommy's one too many times) and your Mommy. We've become the best of friends...until you throw a temper tantrum at Target because I left the iPad at home. That's the only I can run errands with you ;)

Some of your favorite activities include coloring, playdoh, painting your nails and playing dress-up. You have recently learned how to jump so that is also pretty up there! You love your princesses and you loved meeting them this weekend!! You also love watching "Dowa" and Tangled these days. 

You share your things with other children so well and you and Gus are the best of friends!! I love seeing you guys play so well together! 

Your favorite foods are mandarin oranges, tomatoes, spaghetti, marshmallows and cheetos! 

I can't believe you're 2 and I can't wait to see what this year has in store for you!! 

We love you sweet girl!! Happy Birthday!! 


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