Daylight Savings

Monday, March 9, 2015

We had a fantastic weekend of no plans. It was a nice go with the flow weekend It was probably for the better since the time changed. We did a lot laying around. Had a park playdate while daddy caught up on some work. Layed around some more. The kiddos got haircuts--this was Olivia's first haircut. She really didnt have enough hair for a hair cut before. poor girl. Facetimed with my in-laws since they are having a 3 month extended vaca in Italy. To say im jealous is an understatement. It looks like they are having a blast! 

Let me just say this...daylight savings you are a b. especially with kiddos. They woke up very tired yesterday. Refused to nap on a yucky rainy day. They had countless meltdowns. That's pretty much expected though with daylight savings and no nap. 

We took a little family trip to Party city to pickup some Sofia the first decor for our hotel room. I'm pretty sure I mentioned that were going to Disney this weekend for Olivia's 2nd birthday. We're excited! I'm sure she is too she just wont really get it til we get there. She's going to freak out when she meets Sofia and all of the princesses!

Olivia picked out these fab Sofia crowns!! 

How was your weekend?! 



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